Our mission is to produce the highest quality, sustainably grown mushrooms in Colorado.

We are a seasonal Mushroom farm operating from may through december


Mile High Fungi LLC was established in 2014 by Michael and Liz Nail.  With backgrounds in sustainable agriculture and environmental science, we combined our skills and entered the fascinating world of mycology.  Micheal's from Maryland and Liz is from Colorado, but we met at the Evergreen State College of Olympia, WA where we spent many days foraging for wild mushrooms.  The writings and teachings of Paul Stamets among many other inspiring mycologists have influenced our passion for mushroom cultivation and interest in the many aspects of the fungal kingdom.  

For us, mushrooms just make sense.  They blend our desire to provide healthy, local produce with finding creative solutions to harnessing the city's organic waste stream.  In this time of environmental instability we strive to produce using the most sustainable methods available, including solar and LED technology.  By partnering with local businesses we're able to utilize resources from our community for our community.  These amazing arborists, agriculturalists, wood workers, brewers and many more help us live the dream of sustainable mushroom farming. 

Our little mushroom farm began out of our back yard in Denver out of two shipping containers and our humble little home.  This winter 2016-2017 we were hard at work building out our new facility and future homestead near Conifer, CO.  This will enable us to upscale our production significantly to meet the growing demands of local farm to table restaurants.  Please let us know if you'd like to feature delicious gourmet mushrooms on your menu and join us in our quest to provide Denver with the finest local produce!   

Where to find our mushrooms

The Union Station Farmers Market

Saturdays, June 3 - October 28th, from 9am - 2pm

The South Pearl St. Farmers Market

Sundays, May 21 - November 19, 9am- 1pm

The Denver Federal Center Farmers Market

Thursdays, june 15 - september 7, 11am- 1pm

Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms CSA Shares

contact Josie Hart for more details,, 720-865-4356

Sprout City Farms CSA Shares

contact meg caley for more details, meg@sproutcityfarms.org720.319.8126

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