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Our mission is to produce the highest quality, sustainably grown mushrooms in Colorado.

We are a seasonal Mushroom farm operating from may through december


Mile High Fungi LLC was established in 2014 by Michael and Liz Nail.  With backgrounds in sustainable agriculture and home construction, we decided to combine our skills and build a mushroom farm from the ground up.  Micheal's from Maryland and Liz is from Colorado, but we met at the Evergreen State College of Olympia, WA where we were first introduced to the fascinating world of mycology.  Since then, our interest in and understanding of the fungal kingdom has grown wildly.  

For us, mushrooms just make sense.  They blend our goal to provide healthy, local produce with our desire to help breakdown down organic waste streams that many times end up in the landfills.  Mycelium is a natural decomposer and serves as the first step in decomposition on the way to compost.  We strive to cultivate using the most sustainable methods available which helps us live the dream of environmentally friendly mushroom farming.

Our little mushroom farm has a humble beginning.  We got our start in Denver using the Cottage Food Act to operate out of our small home and two shipping containers in our backyard.  A lot has happened since then!  We are nearing completion on the build out of our new  2,400 sq. ft. facility and future homestead near Conifer, CO.  Since we've been doing this entirely on our own, it has taken awhile, but we wouldn't have it any other way.  Our hope is that this upscale in production will enable us to meet the growing demands of local markets, CSA's and farm to table restaurants in our community.  Please let us know if you'd like to feature our delicious gourmet mushrooms on your menu and join us in our quest to provide the Denver metro area with the finest local produce.  We look forward to serving you now and into the future!



The Union Station Farmers Market

Saturdays, May 12 - October 22, from 9am - 2pm


The South Pearl St. Farmers Market

Sundays, May 20 - November 18, from 9am- 1pm


The Parker Farmers Market

Sundays, May 13 - October 28, from 8am- 1pm


CSA Shares

Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farm CSA Mushroom Shares

contact Josie Hart for more details,, 


Sprout City Farms CSA Mushroom Shares 


GoFarm CSA Mushroom Shares

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Liz Nail